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On losing faith in Biblical inerrancy at Princeton: I did my very best to hold on to my faith that the Bible was the inspired word of God with no mistakes and that lasted for about two years … I realized that at the time we had over 5, manuscripts of the New Testament, and no two of them are exactly alike. The scribes were changing them, sometimes in big ways, but lots of times in little ways. And it finally occurred to me that if I really thought that God had inspired this text Why did he allow scribes to change it?

On finally leaving Christianity: A lot of people do feel angry when they deconvert. And a lot of people have asked me whether I felt, or do feel angry. I just never had that sensation. I had a sense of loss more than a sense of anger.

I just felt like something was being taken away from me that was creating a void in my life. And I felt a kind of emptiness. So then, the task was to fill it with other things. View the discussion thread. She is a professional hiker and adventurer.

#1 Amazon book (relig./sci), Meet The Skeptic, by Bill Foster

At just 21 years old, she set off on a solo hike across the entire Appalachian Trail, a path that covers 14 states and more than 2, miles. Iris Carlton-LaNey is often impressed by the resourcefulness and strength of those living in poor, underserved and rural communities. As a social worker, she has spent a career observing how many in those communities have a strong commitment to hard work, family and religion.

And those are values she recognizes from her own upbringing on a tobacco farm in southeastern North Carolina, where education was valued above all. As she grapples with her diagnosis, she reflects on life, death, and where faith fits into the picture. Millennials are the least likely to go to church and less religiously oriented than generations before them.

But Rob Lee, a Methodist millennial, says that the faithful in his generation have been lost in that narrative.

Science and religion are often pitted against one another as opposing forces. While science is defined by clear methodologies and peer-reviewed findings, religion is at once abstract and highly personal. Yet whether or not someone is a highly-devout Hindu priest or a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist, both are wielding tools in search of greater understanding. Listen Live. Related Program:. The State of Things. Share Tweet Email. Meet Bart Ehrman, the James A.

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SOT Meet Series. Bart Ehrman. New Testament.

Biblical Studies. Once you understand the issues people have raised about these topics, you can better address their skepticism with facts and relevant information. Objections are opportunities. They reveal a non-believers need for truth, and they challenge us to make our faith relevant.

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With this handy guide to faith conversations, you can expertly present your faith, and defend your worldview with confidence. Be prepared to face the skeptics and help win them for Christ! A Christian Must Read! Making Your Faith Relevant.

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