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He worked as an illustrator of posters, adverts and films after the war and only started working on children's books in the s. He lived in The Hague with his son.

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This will be a favourite. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Frog helps to show his friends that Rat, a stranger, is not bad just because he's different.

Read more. Also by Max Velthuijs.

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Hazel Edwards , Deborah Niland. Ned Kelly. Janeen Brian , Matt Adams. No One Likes a Fart. Zoe Foster Blake , Adam Nickel. Frog and the Stranger av Max Velthuijs.

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Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt. When a rat comes to live at the edge of their wood, the animals decide they don't like having a stranger in their midst.

But Frog is friendly by nature, and decides to find out if Rat is really as unpleasant as he is made out to be. As Frog discovers, Rat is intelligent and good hearted, and proves in a series of unexpected emergencies that the other animals have been too quick to condemn him.

Frog and friends

Stora boken om Grodan Max Velthuijs. Recensioner i media.

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